Regional PowWow
A Major Success

Cultural event co-sponsored by the
Newberry Springs Community Alliance
exceeds expectations.

Newberry Springs Community Alliance

      The numbers for this year's Mother Earth's People Inter-tribal Council's Native American Gathering are finally in and the two day event this past May 5th and 6th exceeded the hoped for number of visitors.  The event was held in the Mojave Narrows County Park.

      The Newberry Springs Community Alliance assisted in this year's event by offering it's expertise in the strategies of promotion.  Among other media services, the Community Alliance organized and donated the event's Internet Web presence and Web hosting; as well as consultation in better targeting other media outlets.

      The event's previous gathering in 2011 had 8,000 people attending which was an all-time high.  This year, the organizing committee was targeting a hopeful 11,000 to 13,000.

      Since the event is free, and no admission is charged, attendance figures are computed by the county park service that charges a vehicle fee and is highly experienced in estimating the size of groups within their park.  This year the park service estimates that a minimum of 25,000 people attended.

      Normally, the number of outside vendor booths are limited to no more than 55.  This year a total of 60 were allowed and all appeared very happy with the results of the event.

      The Newberry Springs Community Alliance has already been invited back to help in the organization of next year's event.