Nursery Products On Thin Ice
Company needs a financial lifeline

President Jeff Meberg is all there is!

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      Nursery Products' attempts to move into Hinkley, California has been a sore thorn for many, for years.  Swatted away from plans to settle in Newberry Springs, the company flew over Barstow and landed on Hinkley.

      With the support of county supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt, the sludge processing company's plan to start operations has been like the contaminated water under Hinkley that the local citizens just can't get rid of.

      However, what is Nursery Products?  What are the massive powers that have forced an entire community into having a sludge plant upwind?  Surprisingly, it is one man, Jeff Paul Meberg, a sole-proprietor, who acquired a Small Business Administration loan and a few side investors to keep him afloat.

      The financial fragility of the Hinkley sludge project was revealed in a fascinating sworn deposition of the Nursery Products' president, taken on May 17, 2012.

      At the time of being deposed, Meberg, who resides in San Clemente, California, stated that he would be having the sludge plant operational within a few days.  At the time of this article, Meberg is still lacking the necessary operating permits and the facility is still not open.

      As much of Nursery Products start-up costs have been paid for by a SBA loan, it is probable that Meberg has his home as collateral for the loan and that he has had to scramble for new costly investors to hold him over while Hinkley opponents continue to successfully delay the facility's opening.

      Delays in establishing a cash stream is undoubtedly taking a severe toll upon Meberg who has not been able to meet his company's current financial obligations.

    Jeff Meberg's deposition
53 pages, download 231KB.

An update to the Community Alliance's November 13, 2011 article.