Brad Mitzelfelt

Massive Water Swindle

Political Pocket Accepts Money

Ruth Lopez pleads before the Board of Supervisors.

      On May 1, 2012, the county of San Bernardino's Board of Supervisors voted to allow the privatization of a county aquifer and allow an Orange County entity to pump-out and transport an average of 50,000 acre feet of water per year from Cadiz...
for 50 years!

      Loopholes in the documentation call for 50,000 acre feet average over a 50 year span, meaning the entire amount, if the means of transport and storage permitted, could be pumped out in the first few years.

      Will this water be used to benefit business growth and development in San Bernardino County for the next 50 years?  No!  The water will be pipelined south to the Metropolitan Water District's Colorado River aqueduct and used outside of the county to benefit business growth and residents in Orange County, and eastern Los Angeles County.

      Brad Mitzelfelt claims that local short term jobs will be created, especially in the construction of a 44-mile pipeline; but he ignores the long-term destruction to the county and commenting on how he has accepted huge payments from the proponents.

      This is another Mono Lake type water grab and Mitzelfelt has positioned himself to politically acquire a financial windfall by agreeing to it.

      The back room deal has been composed so that future county supervisors will have their hands severely tied to do anything about the transgression.

      To have an understanding as to how much precious desert water is involved, one acre foot equals 325,851 gallons.

At 50,000 acre feet per year, that equals:
16,292,571,500 gallons per year.
814,628,575,000 gallons over the 50 year span of the agreement.

      And who will be monitoring the amount of water being pumped and fudging the numbers?  The developers.  The people of San Bernardino county are going to lose in so many different ways; including not having a natural resource to properly develop in the future.

      The Cadiz water is so pure that the profiteers plan to mix it with their swallow contaminated well water and Colorado River water to better meet federal health standards.

      For an arid desert in a warming climate, little precipitation is available to recharge the aquifer that 5 wilderness areas and the Mojave National Preserve depend upon.

      At the minimally proposed depletion rate of over 16 billion gallons a year, the massive overdraft is expected to have a devastating effect upon the entire eco-system, making the area a wasteland.