Newberry Springs-Harvard Real Property
Owners Association's Influence Tanks!


    The Newberry Spring-Harvard Real Property Owners Association ("POA") board has lost it's creditability (if it has had any in recent years) as representing the Newberry Springs-Harvard property owners.  This always been true for the Harvard area as the POA's name fraudulently implies a connection to.

    The POA has nothing involved within the Harvard area except in the continued misrepresentation of using that community's name.

    The sphere of influence of the Newberry CSD, as recognized by the Local Agency Formation Commission ("LAFCO"), is 117 square miles.  It has been estimated that the area comprises of approximately 5,000 real estate parcels.

    This is basically the same Newberry Springs area that the POA claims that it represents; yet for that entire Newberry Springs area, the POA membership rolls only contain about 35 paid members.  That's representing only about ¾ of one percent (.0075) of the estimated property owners.  That's it!

    If the property parcels in the Harvard area were to be included in the percentage calculation, the represented percentage would drop far less!

    At less than a fraction of 1%, what right does the Newberry Springs-Harvard POA have to claim that it represents and speaks on behalf of either area?

    The organization's claim that it represents the Newberry Springs-Harvard property owners is a scam.  The organization, which is currently being controlled by president Spike Lynch and executive director Sandra Brittian appears to be a rouse for use as a mouthpiece to promote their own commercial agendas.

    For Spike Lynch, that is to have the POA support and promote his plans of building a billboard empire in Newberry Springs.  For Sandra Brittian, who also has an interest in billboards, it is to micro-manage local development to benefit her realty interests as a real estate broker.  Ellen Johnson is on the POA board promoting the special interests of the commercial farmers caught in the court ordered water ramp-down ajudication.  Johnson, caught in the ramp-down ajudication herself, wants reductions in the amount of water that the uneffected minimum producers are currently permitted to pump; which would lessen the community's real estate values.

    None of these agendas appear to represent the best interests of the vast majority of the property owners of Newberry Springs; most of whom are absentee individuals who have invested in the community.