Kathy S. Ridler Elected
As Newberry CSD Director

January 29, 2013

Kathy Ridler is sworn into office by Sheriff Lieutenant J. Pacewiczh.

Ridler to serve remainder of term left by retiring Director Seeley.

      A call from the Newberry CSD last December looking for citizens interested in filling the director seat vacated by the resignation of Robert Seeley brought forth four candidates.

      Three candidates, Robert Vasseur, Robert Shaw, and Kathy Ridler met the published deadline date to submit a letter of candidacy intent.  Robert Springer, who did not submit a letter and who did not meet the deadline, was allowed to orally submit his late interest at the regular CSD board meeting held January 29, 2013, immediately before the board voted to fill the position.

      The board's acceptance of the Springer's candidacy brought forth audiance questions as to whether the late acceptance violated the guidelines published for candidates and whether there was a violation of the Brown Act as acceptance of the late candidate did not met the published agenda for the meeting that stated that the board would discuss "Selection from letters of intent/interest for appointment to the vacant board seat."

      The board appeared to take action that was beyond the published agenda.  There was no earlier notice that a candidate missing the earlier deadline to submit a letter of intent could be considered.  More importantly, the published meeting agenda did not include any notice that nominations from the floor would be permitted.  Under the Ralph Brown Act, the board can only conduct business that is previously published and publicly posted.

      CSD General Manager, Paulette Marshall, referenced the CSD's Bylaws that do allow the possibility of floor candidates announcing their interest; however, the CSD's own earlier publicly published guidelines for candidates included an earlier deadline date for candidacy letters of intent.  The published agenda for the board meeting stated that the selection would be from those who submitted letters.

      In voting, the CSD board consisting of Robert Royalty, Diana Williams, Wayne Snively, and Calvin Owens had three consecutive tie votes splitting 2-2 between Robert Springer and Kathy Ridler until a fourth board write-in ballot vote broke the tie.

      In keeping true to a lack of transparency, the voting was by secret ballot so that the public would not know how their directors voted.

      Ridler will fill the position until the November 2013 election.

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