Gregg Imus Receives Endorsement

Newberry Springs Community Alliance
Backs A Grassroots Candidate

Conservative candidate holds strong Constitutional convections.

Gregg Imus for Congress

      The Newberry Springs Community Alliance has announced an endorsement for a little known candidate running for California's 8th Congressional District.

      In a statement recently released, the organization states:

      "The Newberry Springs Community Alliance has carefully reviewed the campaign platform of each candidate running for California's 8th Congressional District seat.

      After analyzing each candidate's response to the national issues of Job Creation, the Economy, Debt, Health Care, Tax Rates, Immigration, Governmental Growth, and International Relations, the Newberry Springs Community Alliance gives a strong endorsement to Gregg Imus whose reform solutions represent the most logical and viable for a national recovery."

      Gregg Imus isn't in the league of political power brokers when it comes to political campaign finances, so his name isn't plastered everywhere; however, he stands-out from the other candidates as being the best candidate to impact a change in how the corrupt government in Washington works.

      For those democrats who do not understand the free market system and will only vote for a socialistic candidate, the Community Alliance suggests a democrat vote for John Pinkerton (D) over that of "invisible" Jackie Conaway.