CHP Catches Runaway Suspect

Posted March 12, 2012

Craig Allen Saunders arrested.

    It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon as a couple headed westbound in Newberry Springs on Interstate-40.  It was March 10, 2012 and the lowering sun was edging its way towards the western horizon as the couple passed Ft. Cady Road.

    Suddenly, four CHP cruisers zoomed up from behind at high speed.  The last cruiser turned on it red lights and stopped the westbound traffic behind it.

    About a quarter-mile ahead, the three other cruisers pulled the couple over to a stop.  With multiple pistols drawn and pointed at the couple, the officers methodically had the couple exit their vehicle.

    Taken into custody was 6-foot, 200 pound Craig Allen Saunders, 42, of Anaheim, California; a marked man holding an outstanding bench warrant.  Saunders was arrested under California Penal Code § 4532(b)(1), essentially going AWOL while in custody.

    His female companion was released.