Brad Mitzelfelt
Continues His Reign Of Corruption

Mitzelfelt fails to excuse himself in conflict matter.

County turns over EIR authority to Orange County interests.

      The Newberry Springs-Harvard Real Property Owners Association is scheduled to host Brad Mitzelfelt on May 12, 2012 at 10 A.M. in the Newberry Springs Community Center.

      Brad Mitzelfelt, currently the county of San Bernardino's First District supervisor, will be visiting the monthly Newberry property owners meeting in a "supervisorial capacity" and not in a campaign capacity.

      This allows Mitzelfelt to "reach-out" to Newberry Springs on a weekend at taxpayers' expense; and camouflages a need for the property owners to invite the other congressional candidates (during a campaign period) in order to use the tax supported community building without charge.

Brad Mitzelfelt at May 1, 2012 meeting.

      Mitzelfelt is expected to give one of his "State of the County" addresses concerning matters in which the supervisors have been voting on regarding the High Desert.

      Mitzelfelt had his supervisorial training under the prior First District supervisor, Bill Postmus.  While Postmus was committing felonious acts in office that he later confessed to in court, Brad Mitzelfelt was Postmus' second-in-command.  Questons have been raised as to how someone personally close to Postmus, and second-in-command, could have been blind to Postmus' corruption.

      After being elected to follow in Postmus' seat, Mitzelfelt has done little to truly benefit the Newberry Springs area.  Even the Community Emergency Response Team's (CERT) emergency trailer that Mitzelfelt provided to Newberry Springs, to be shared with other communities, had to be returned to county control by the Newberry CSD because of a lack of county funding to maintain it.

      Mitzelfelt has been a major supporter behind the county of Los Angeles' toilet waste being transported and dumped into Hinkley.  The principle profit in sludge processing is in the trucking of the hundreds of thousands of tons of sludge; that further pollutes the High Desert air, congests and degrades the roads, lowers the neighboring land values, diminishes the local community safety, and blights living standards.  Definitely not a place where Mitzelfelt would now move his family to.

      Over 13,000 tons of sludge was transported and dumped a few years ago in various parts of Newberry Springs.  Records indicate that about 900 tons of it was quietly spread upon various pistachio orchards; apparently in violation of existing health codes.  Mitzelfelt's county offices have refused to investigate.

      Mitzelfelt has been passively silent on a multimillion dollar project in which an estimated 50,000 acre feet of precious Cadiz desert water, west of Needles, will be pumped each year from a fragile desert aquifer and transported by pipeline to Orange County, creating a desert environmental disaster within Mitzelfelt's own First District.

      Cadiz Land Company (aka "Cadiz, Inc."), the business entity behind the water theft and transfer, has already pumped a reported $48,100 into Mitzelfelt's campaign coffers (The San Bernardino County Sentinal  2/10/12).   Cadiz, Inc. is expected to make millions of dollars on the sale of the San Bernardino county desert water.

      According to Ruth Musser-Lopez, a strong opponent of the water transfer, "He (Mitzelfelt) completely abrogated his responsibility as our county's representative."

      For the most part, Brad Mitzelfelt has not been a supporter of the rural areas of the High Desert, so what brings Mitzelfelt to Newberry Springs?  Obviously, there are votes to be mined for his run for Congress.

      In checking with a few other congressional candidates, it appears that they were not invited to speak at the Newberry Springs-Harvard property owners' meeting.  So why Mitzelfelt?

      The answer appears to be the Newberry Springs' property owner board members, Spike Lynch and Sandra Brittian, who have been gratified with Mitzelfelt's position on Newberry Springs' illegal billboards for which the Lynch organization donated tens of thousands of dollars to infamous Bill Postmus.

      Through Mitzelfelt's office, Brittian has also acquired county cosponsorship of Brittian's Chamber of Commerce events.  Property owners' director Ellen Johnson has reportedly participated in organizing Metzelfelt's appearance.

      Mitzelfelt's campaign website, states "I'm enacting reforms to fight corruption."  However, a review of public campaign finance records present an impressive list of businesses in which Mitzelfelt is highly beholding to; making Mitzelfelt one of the best financed and compromised local candidates that money can buy.

      Mitzelfelt's campaign is being directed by a specialist, Jim Nygren, who operates from northeast of Sacramento.

      Some areas of the new 8th Congressional District have many times the number of Mitzelfelt campaign signs than that of the other candidates; paid for by special interest donations.  They are concentrated in populated areas like Victorville and Hesperia.

      Corruption comes from congressmen beholding to special business interests; who place their political ambitions above the interests of the people and country.

      Mitzelfelt has demonstrated, as a county supervisor, a keen awareness of how acceptance of special interest monies buys self-serving advancement.