Bob Vasseur Challenges
Newberry Springs
Road Pavement Project

Mitzelfelt gives little response.
Suggests road department address concerns.

YouTube: Bob Vasseur stating fear of injury due to new pavement.

Newberry Springs Paving Project

      It is difficult to understand why anyone would object to major and long-term infrastructure being placed in Newberry Springs; yet a couple of residents are voicing concerns.

      Due to a state contract under federal funds to improve a portion of Interstate-40 just outside of Newberry Springs, there is an opportunity to acquire a huge amount of shaved asphalt that is being removed.

      Bill Little, Operations Supervisor with the county Department of Public Works, has spent months attempting to acquire the shavings from the I-40 project contractor, and acquiring many approvals, such as engineering, environmental, and grading, among many, to have the recycled shavings used for new roadbed in Newberry Springs.

      This is not an inexpensive project for the county as it will require much equipment and man-hours to prepare the roadbeds, spread the recycled asphalt, and compact it for safe use.

      Vasseur brought his concerns to the recent monthly property owners meeting attended by First District county Supervisor, Brad Mitzelfelt.

      The method planned for applying the recycled material is not new and has been successfully done elsewhere with satisfactory results.